Wednesday, 22 April 2015

TO2 Floating Wind Energy

Boussinesqweg 1, Delft, The Netherlands
Date 22 April 2015
Time 13:30 - 17:00
Project meeting
Event for selected participants
Registry fee $ Free
Chair Feike Savenije
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< Note: this meeting is for project participants only >


The goal of this TO2 project is to strengthen the cooperation between Dutch research institutes on offshore wind energy. It has two subjects: floating wind energy (ECN, MARIN and Deltares) and helicopter movements in offshore wind farms (NLR and ECN).

For large areas of the world with deep water and high energy yield, floating wind turbines can be an economically feasible solution. Together with Deltares, ECN and MARIN will further extend their knowledge and integral approach of simulation and testing of floating wind turbines. Central aspect in this project is integration, both on content (wind turbine, floating support and mooring), as well as on organizational level (activities at ECN, MARIN and Deltares) to optimally support the industry with floating wind energy developments.

Maintenance of offshore wind farms will partly be done by helicopters, which makes knowledge on helicopter movements in (wakes of) offshore wind farms essential. This project will takes a first step into this overlapping field by knowledge sharing between NLR and ECN.

Schedule - 22 April 2015

Time Event
13:30 - 17:00 Progress meeting of TO2-Floating Wind
The progress of the 2 research tasks will be discussed: - Floating Wind energy - Helicopter in offshore wind farms


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