Monday, 20 April 2015

A New Guideline for Scour around Wind Turbine Foundations

Paviljoen 1
Boussinesqweg 1, Delft, The Netherlands
Date 20 April 2015
Time 09:00 - 12:30
Project meeting
Event open to everybody
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Scour development around offshore foundations causes unfavourable changes in the fatigue life and strength of the structure. Since the current prevailing guidelines are rather conservative for many offshore sites often a scour protection is applied. On-going research by the FLOW-consortium of Deltares, Eneco and Van Oord has resulted in a Scour Prediction Model that is currently being validated against continuous scour measurements at two unprotected monopiles in Luchterduinen.

The next step is to work towards a new guideline for scour prediction. This step is taken together with DNV GL (as certifying body) and partners from the industry. During this meeting the roadmap towards a new guideline will be discussed. This meeting is open for registration for all interested parties.


Schedule - 20 April 2015

Time Event
08:30 - 09:00 Reception with coffee
09:00 - 12:30 A new guideline for scour
09:00–09:15: Eneco: Introduction of agenda and goals of this meeting (to create industry-wide support for changing the guideline on scour prediction)
09:15–09:30: DNV GL: Background of scour in guideline and required “proof” to change it
09:30-10:00: Deltares: FLOW-SCOUR project: intermediate results and findings, experiences in the field, case studies in The Netherlands
10:00-10:15: DONG Energy: Scour experience in the field, case studies in the UK
10:15-10:30: Vattenfall: Scour experience in the field: case study in Germany

10:30-11:00: Coffee break

11:00-11:15: IMDC: Scour experience in the field, case studies in Belgium
11:15-11:30: Scour experience in the field:
11:30-12:15: All: Discussion on validity of FLOW-SCOUR-approach, roadmap to change guideline and future required steps
12:15-12:30: Eneco/DNV GL/Deltares: Wrap-up and plans for future cooperation

12:30 - 13:30 Lunch at Delta Plaza


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